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There is no simple solution to the Demographic Time Bomb; the fact is that people are generally living longer and less people are now working to support an increasing number of people who are living longer in their retirement.

The State pension schemes are unlikely to adequately support affluent individuals and their families.

However, employing the best financial planning techniques will go a long way to help and will reassure you in what will be for many, the biggest financial decision of their life, whether to stop work and relinquish a valuable source of continuing income.

Before reading on please spend just a few minutes answering the following questions:

1.   When is it that you would you like to stop working, in full or in part?

2.   How will you spend what is likely to be an additional 50 hours or so of your then spare time each week?

3.   What quality of life do you wish to enjoy?

4.   Do you know how much your ideal lifestyle is likely to cost?

5.   Will your existing financial arrangements, including pension policies and investment plans, comfortably meet your future

All of the above questions would be answered with total clarity by embarking on our lifestyle planning and financial planning service. Once you know the answers to the above questions, and indeed any others that may be valid given your own circumstances, it will be necessary to formulate a successful retirement planning strategy.

Retirement planning is all about adopting a range of financial planning strategies that will deliver the valuable tax breaks required now, and in the future, for our clients.

The Astute Financial Planning approach is to use different tax efficient investment vehicles and financial planning strategies to deliver the overall desired result for our clients.

We have summarised below some of the most frequently used solutions:


Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)

Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs)

Insurance Bonds

Releasing Equity From Your Home

Our comprehensive approach to retirement planning is complemented by our diversified approach to investment planning.

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