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Lifelong Cashflow Forecasts:
Bringing the future into the present, and giving you time to do something about it!

Chart: Value of Readily Realisable Assets (excluding value of home) Fit & Well:

Chart: Inflows/Outflows Fit & Well:

Your Financial Plan will not be just be a series of product recommendations, or a report that is purely narrative based but rather it will be a more sophisticated and structured plan. By using powerful modelling software, we can provide financial projections showing short-term and lifelong cash flows. Our financial plans clearly demonstrate whether, or not, our clients will meet their stated lifestyle goals, for example, a comfortable retirement or financial independence by a certain age.

They show the position assuming our clients remain fit and well throughout life and also in the event of an unexpected catastrophe occurring.

Through the use of our powerful financial modelling software we can instantly test alternative strategies, or in other words we can look at 'what if' scenarios. For example:
 What if I want to retire 5 years earlier, how much extra capital and /or income will I
    need to set aside now?

 What if I gift money or assets to my children/grandchildren now, will I always remain
    financially secure myself?

 What if I spend more of my money now, will I be putting at risk my future financial

 What if I were to die prematurely, would my family and those who depend on me be
    financially secure?

 What if I (or my partner) were to be disabled or to need long term nursing care how
    would my / our financial situation change?

By testing alternative strategies we can help our clients to make fully informed decisions now about their financial futures.

Our financial plans will also provide you with statements of your:                            
 Net worth



 Estate and Inheritance Tax position

All our Financial Plans will incorporate, where appropriate, the effect of any educational planning, pension funding, and savings and investment strategies. We bring all these individual strategies together allowing you to see the bigger picture.

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