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Our approach to Estate planning and minimising the burden of Inheritance Tax involves a careful analysis of how much money would be safe to gift directly, or through trust arrangements, to our clients' families and their chosen beneficiaries.

Most people's concern is that they will give away too much money now and as a result leave themselves short of financial assets to comfortably meet their own needs in the future.

We have found that most clients' biggest fear in this area of financial planning is being a burden on their families in later life.

Our approach is to demonstrate, through our lifelong cash flow financial planning process, that our clients will always have sufficient financial assets to cater for their own needs. This careful analysis encompasses 3 different scenarios:
 assuming our clients remain fit and well throughout their lives

 on the death of one partner, and

 in the unfortunate event that one or both partners may need Long Term Nursing Care
    at some stage in their lives

Having established what lump sum amount, or regular series of gifts, would be prudent; we will then recommend appropriate solutions to minimise the amount of Inheritance Tax eventually payable. Such solutions might involve outright gifts, or may involve the use of Trust arrangements to provide some control, especially where the intended beneficiaries are considered too young to receive the gifts outright.

We work with our clients' own solicitors, or solicitors recommended by us, in helping our clients with Inheritance Tax planning; for example, in arranging tax efficient Wills, Trusts where appropriate, and also setting up Enduring Powers of Attorney (Lasting Powers of Attorney, from October 2007).

Estate planning involves more than just Inheritance Tax planning and through the use of whole of life assurance policies and specially designed investment schemes the overall effect can be to create additional wealth, rather than just minimising the anticipated Inheritance Tax eventually payable.

Our approach to Estate planning is designed to give our clients the confidence to make these important decisions now for the benefit of their families and intended beneficiaries.

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