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How can I bring my financial situation to life?

What is 'financial planning', as opposed to 'financial advice'?

Once you have experienced real financial planning, you will definitely know it and recognise it!

Real financial planning is not about long, wordy 'holistic' reports that simply recommend yet another financial product(s) that may or may not help your overall financial situation. In fact, yet another financial product might be just what you don't need?!.

We recommend mapping out and planning your financial future first, and not investing in haste, only to regret it all at your leisure.

Real financial planning is, in our opinion, a 'live and interactive' process whereby we build together your financial plan, and where you will be able to see your financial future unfold on screen.

This will quite literally, bring your financial future into the present, giving you the time and the opportunity to do something about it, shaping your life and your family's life, the way you want it to be!

This second stage of the Astute Financial Planning process uses, amongst other techniques, powerful Lifelong Cashflow Forecasts which bring a set of figures and numbers (your capital assets, liabilities, income and expenditure etc) to life. Our clients tell us time and again that this part of our service is a truly enlightening and decision empowering experience.

So why are we so passionate about real financial planning? Well it is because we can answer, with clarity, the concerns that our clients frequently express, which can be summarised as follows:
 Will I/we run out of money?

 How much can I/we afford to spend now and in the future?

 If one of us were to die or become disabled and/or unable to work, would we/our
    family be adequately provided for financially?

 We would like to give away money and/or assets to our children and grandchildren but
    if we do so, will we have sufficient funds left for ourselves?

 What if I/we needed long term nursing care at some stage in my/our lives, would I/we
    be able to manage our financial affairs without being a burden on my/our family?
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