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Unfortunately, nobody knows what is around the corner.

So as well as building a financial plan that looks at the position on the basis that you will hopefully remain fit and well throughout life; we also look at the position if an unwanted and unexpected catastrophe were to befall you, or a family member.

These additional cash flows will look at your financial position on premature death and/or disablement.

We model these catastrophe lifelong cash flow forecasts in your financial plan on a basis agreed with you, and we will naturally review any existing cover and identify any gaps and needs.

As well as looking at the levels of cover you already have in place under any existing policies and what is required to bridge the shortfall; we will also assess whether those plans (and any new ones recommended) provide comprehensive policy terms. For example:

Do the policies provide:
 Inflation linked benefits ?

 Life assurance as well as critical illness and/or terminal illness cover ?

 An 'own', rather than 'any / suited', occupation definition of disability ?  

We work with our clients own solicitors, or solicitors recommended by ourselves, to ensure that suitable and tax effective Wills have been put in place; and also that Enduring Powers of Attorney (Lasting Powers of Attorney, from October 2007) have been arranged, to provide financial protection for your family and those most dearest to you.

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