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  Begin with the end in mind

What is really important to you in your life?

How can you plan ahead to achieve most, or indeed everything, that is really important to you, and that you want for your family and those most important and dearest to you?

Where and how should you start the financial planning and lifestyle planning process?

We would recommend that you simply, 'Begin with the End in Mind'.

We believe that before you make any financial decisions, the essential first step towards building a successful and robust financial plan, is to identify and prioritise all of your aims and objectives, and your goals in life.

We recommend that you download our Lifestyle Planning Questionnaire and either complete it now or, when it is more convenient for you.

This powerful 3 question process, is specifically designed to be thought provoking and to help our clients focus on exactly what it is that is truly important to them in their lives.

Once you have quantified what it is that you wish to do, to be and to achieve (and by when) then you will be better able to build into your financial plan the associated costs of living your life, the way you want it to be.

Building a financial plan that really does bring the financial future into the present, is the next stage in the Astute Financial Planning process.

To 'Begin with the End in Mind' is one of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (from the book by Stephen R. Covey).

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